konsonans retro is a brass band from Kodyma, Ukraine.

When the band first toured internationally just a few years ago, they surprised their audience with music nobody in the West had heard before. The brothers Baranovsky and their in-laws form one of the last brass bands of Podolia, a colourful region once counting more than a hundred ethnic groups. Father Moise Baranovsky passed on his passion for the wild and sweet wedding music of their home, an earthy blend of Moldavian, Ukrainian and Jewish tunes, flavoured with heartwarming Ukrainian a-capella song.

With their powerful and straightforward interpretations of a unique musical heritage, Konsonans Retro counts today as one of the great revelations of East European world music.


"Raw as stone, soft as warm skin, burning as
vodka and tender as a whisper in your ear."


In 2006, the Baranovsky brothers joined forces with "klezmer clarinet superstar" Christian Dawid. Since then, the new Konsonans Retro have received enthusiastic response from tens of thousands of listeners in Canada, Finland, Germany, Poland, Austria, Belgium and Ukraine. The first CD (A Podolian Affair, Oriente) was released in March 2007. The second CD Zagnitkiv was released in June 2010 by rybalka records.

Christian Dawid clarinet, sax
Vasyl Baranovsky trumpet, bayan
Vladyslav Keidaliuk trumpet
Vladymyr Voronyuk trumpet
Vladymyr Baranovsky accordion
Vitaly Baranovsky trombone
Sasha Voronyuk tuba
Slava Baranovsky baraban
Guy Schalom drums
"A sensation" RUSSENDISKO
"Incredibly skillful" VOLKSKRANT, NL
"Monster ensemble" TORONTO STAR
"A great revelation" HET PAROOL, NL

Christian Dawid is one of Europe’s most remarkable reed players in folk music and beyond. He performed with artists like Boban Markovic, Theodore Bikel, Frank London, Socalled, Brave Old World, Budowitz, Paul Brody’s Sadawi, The Other Europeans and many more, on stages between North America, Europe and Japan.

"World class clarinetist with a
magically lyrical phrasing"


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